Spotify and iTunes lyrics widget for Notification Center

Totally amazing
— Tim Cook
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Who are you? What review? I'll call the police!
— Some guy

Simple macOS Notification Center widget that displays the lyrics, which plays in your iTunes or Spotify.

Notification Center - the most useless macOS feature after Siri. And all lyrics apps - helpless pieces of shit. After Spotify removed the lyrics button from the app, it become harder to get drunk and yelling karaoke with friends. That's a real problem. But how we have a solution!

The main advantage of Notification Center is the ability to call it with with two fingers swipe from the edge of the touchpad. So by adding this widget you will be able always roar favorite songs with one gesture. Amazing!

Installation: copy to your Applications folder and run it. MacOS should show "1 New" badge at the bottom of Notification Center. If not, try to restart the app. You can write your issues, questions or suggestions here.

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